Welcome to the 2017 digitalDrummer Readers' Choice Awards nominations
Thank you for helping us choose the e-drum products and people of 2017. Your co-operation is much appreciated and we'd be grateful if you could complete all the questions ahead.
We've kept it as brief as possible.
If you have no experience in any category, just choose the most appropriate response and move onto the next question.
Thanks again from the digitalDrummer team.
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E-drum Product of the Year
Please choose the best product released this year. We're looking for a combination of innovation, usefulness and value for money.
Please choose ONLY ONE product.

E-Drum product of the year: software - Choose the best software product released this year - JUST ONE!

E-drummer of the year
Please nominate a drummer who has done the most to raise the profile of electronic drumming in the past year.
Ideally, your nomination should be a performing drummer who predominantly uses electronic percussion or incorporates electronic percussion in his or her playing.
Previous winners in this category are Johnny Rabb and Michael Schack.

E-drum retailer of the year:
Please nominate a retailer who provides good product options, great service and advice and reasonable pricing. Also make sure that you nominate the geographic region in which the retailer is active (Eg. North America; South/Latin America; UK/Europe; Asia, Australasia; Africa; Middle East). And tell us briefly why you're selecting them.

Hall of Fame nomination
Please nominate a person or company who should be inducted into the digitalDrummer Hall of Fame. The nominee must have made a significant contribution to electronic drumming, and past winners have been Dave Simmons, Roland Corporation and Alternate Mode founder Mario DeCiutiis.
(And tell us why)

And finally, what improvements or changes could we make at digitalDrummer that would turn the publication into compulsory reading for you (if it isn't already on your must-read list)?

Thank you for voting. Be sure to read the February 2018 edition of digitalDrummer, where the winners will be announced.

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